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I remember as a little girl going through shoe boxes full of photos and memorizing the faces and imagining the stories behind the photos.  Sometimes I would make up my own even!  This truly is where my desire to be a story teller with photography began.  My passion is to capture life as it happens, with a touch of fun and maybe quirky-ness thrown in.  

I think these days with everyone having a camera, it's pretty easy to get a photo of a bunch of people smiling a the camera... why do we need a photographer right?  What I bring to the table is capturing the joy and love in between the people I am photographing.  Whether it be a mom and dad holding their 3 day old son and gazing down on him with such awe and amazement and pure love.  Or a family having a good old fashioned pillow fight!  Some moments are more serene and still and they completely take my breath away.  It all belongs.  

It would be my absolute privilege to capture your story.  Tomorrow is not promised. 

I so look forward to hearing from you.


Now photographing:


Maternity & Newborn

My Beauty Within

Headshots (cinematic and traditional "studio")


Available on a very limited basis Engagement & Weddings

Please contact me for availability and details.

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